Terms & Conditions

1. Information about the company.

Online store, operating at the Internet address la-belleza.pl, conducts commercial activities pursuant to an entry in the National Court Register. Black White Agency, with its registered office in Poznań, 60-469, ul. Pajzderskiego 15, has been given tax identification number 9720547665 and REGON 634351036.

2. Accepting the order.

In the online store la-belleza.pl, goods can be ordered 24 hours a day via the order form available on the store’s website.

You do not need to register to place an order. Each registered customer of the store has the ability to check the current stage of the order using prepared forms on the store’s websites. The unregistered customer is informed about the stage of the contract via e-mail.

3. Withdrawing the order.

The withdrawal of an order before La-Belleza.pl makes its shipment is possible by contacting by e-mail via the CONTACT page.

4. Price policy.

All prices in the store contain the appropriate VAT for a given product.

The La-Belleza.pl store reserves the right to change prices, as well as to enter and remove promotions. The price of the goods at the time of the order is binding and applies to both the buyer and the seller.

5. Availability of goods.

The product offer presented in the online store of the company La-Belleza.pl is not synonymous with the stock level store. Some of the presented products are imported from the supplier at the time of placing an order. Information on the availability of each product is always given when describing it.

6. Invoices.

The La-Belleza.pl store is a VAT payer, for each sale or refund transaction made, a VAT invoice or VAT invoice is issued.

7. Shipping time, payment, delivery.

The term of the order depends on the time of availability of ordered products in the store and the chosen form of payment and is always given in the summary of the order.

In the case of ordering several products with different time of availability, at the customer’s request, the order may be divided into two separate shipments, however, the costs of both shipments shall be borne by the ordering party. The will to do this the ordering party should inform the shop in the appropriate field of the order form.

If the order of several products can not be completed within one shipment due to reasons attributable to the La-Belleza.pl store, the costs of the second consignment are covered by the La-Belleza.pl store.


In the case of an incorrectly given delivery address by the customer, the cost of returning by the supplier and re-shipping the ordered items is covered by the customer.

The customer is informed on an ongoing basis by e-mail about each stage of the order.

The forms of payment for the purchased goods accepted by the La-Belleza.pl store are given on the form “Forms of payment”.

The shipment takes place within 3-7 working days after the payment is credited to the La-Belleza.pl store account.

The total cost of the order includes the gross price of the goods and the cost of shipping the goods to the customer. Shipping costs depend on the choice of delivery method and are provided on the “Shipping costs” page.

The delivery of ordered goods to the customer is carried out via Poczta Polska – priority shipment. The delivery time of the package depends on the country of delivery and transport procedures.

8. Returns and complaints.

The La-Belleza.pl store guarantees the right to return the ordered goods within 14 days from the date of delivery. Goods do not satisfying expectations should be sent to the address given in point 1. of the Regulations. Goods subject to return should be unchanged.

In the event that the packaging bears signs of damage or attempts to open, the customer has the right to make a damage report in the presence of the supplier or post office without accepting the goods.

In the case of a complaint due to the detection of factory defects, the defective goods should be sent to the address of the store along with the completed complaint form. After considering the legitimacy of the complaint, the shop will refund the amount and the costs shipment or, if it is possible and requested by the customer, exchange for another item.

In the event of an unjustified complaint or damage to the goods due to the fault of the user, all costs are covered by the customer.

9. Protection of personal data.

All personal data, provided by the ordering parties, are used only for the purpose of the contract and will not be made available or used in any other way. Detailed procedures are set out in our Privacy Policy.

10. Final provisions.

The store is not responsible for transactions made as part of unauthorized activities.

Any disputes arising in connection with the execution of the purchase-sale transaction in the La-Belleza.pl store will be solved by agreement.

Last change: 15/06/2019